The Habits at Work Academy offers live + online training designed to create experts in the realm of habit creation + the impact of positive habits on employee performance.


Each course leverages insights and tactical applications sourced from our research division, BRATLAB.


The comprehensive live curriculum includes 20 full days of training, from which customized programs can be developed for clients seeking less than the full course.

Live courses are designed for insurers, wellness companies, and leading employers, and the curriculum includes a full day of training on each of the following topics:

  • The State of Our Health
  • Changing Habits
  • Personal Motivation
  • Self Efficacy
  • Social Motivation
  • Social Efficacy
  • Reward Science
  • Environmental Efficacy
  • Wellness Program Design
  • Wellness Program Measurement
  • Wellness Program Myths
  • Health Plan Design
  • Physical Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Happiness
  • Sleep
  • Driving Engagement
  • Applied Behavioral Research
  • Selling Wellness
  • Wellness-Driven Health Plans


Our online training platform distills the essence of our live training sessions into 1-2 hour video and quiz modules. Online courses are designed with employers in mind.

Currently, we offer the following modules:

  • The Business Case for Healthy Employees
  • The WHAT & HOW of Wellness Habit Change
  • Motivation & Rewards
  • Tracking & Goal Setting
  • Champions
  • Cooperative Competition
  • Fun, Games + Nudges
  • Healthy Spaces