Our consulting products support employee habit creation + culture change within a delicate ecosystem: the workplace.

Historically, Habits at Work consultants have supported the thinking and product development of some of the world’s leading wellness companies, health insurers and large employers through the design of wellness programs, wellness-driven health plans and employee engagement programs that lead to high and sustained participation, and measurable ROI for all stakeholders.

Our consulting practice has recently expanded its focus to company productivity and competitive advantage fueled by culture change and the creation of positive habits.

This increased employee performance and engagement is achieved by investing in employee health, happiness and security.


Past consulting work has included:

  • Strategy, product and process reviews for wellness companies (benchmarking)
  • Design of unique wellness programs, products or engagement solutions
  • Design of wellness-linked financial services products (including health insurance)
  • Sales, actuarial and wellness training (adding to training from the Habits at Work Academy)
  • Customized consulting projects designed by clients, including ROI analyses