Context Design Workshops

Energize your team, build capacity and ownership, and lead your organization into the future with positive habits.


For Company Meetings

Make our habit-driven framework a part of your next company-wide meeting or team strategy session.

→ Tie your company's vision and brand to measurable behaviors that generate exponential performance

 Build your team's capacity for designing desired behaviors into your culture using a simple framework

→ Reinforce a sense of ownership and a strong culture of success among your team

→ Learn our actionable methodology to design an engaging, habit-driven employee experience

For Executive Teams

Create the foundation for sustainable, habit-driven organization design work with a committed leadership team.

→ Set a measurable vision for the future of your organization

→ Define which mindsets, behaviors and conditions are required to achieve this vision

→ Design the contexts of your company in support of this work

→ Quickly get your leaders on the same page about the future direction of your organization

For Startups

Intentionally design your company culture, build your team's capacity to practice positive habits and watch your business flourish.

→ Improve your managers' capability for visibly practicing the right habits and coaching others to do the same

→ Activate your people strategy by designing an engaging employee experience

→ Learn our actionable, research-backed framework for habit-based organization design

→ Leave with a plan and critical action steps for for designing habits into the fabric of your company culture


Which habits matter most for your company?

Our BRATLAB team has performed 10+ years of research on which habits really make the difference for employee performance -- and how to get employees to practice them in a way that leaves them thrilled with the experience.


1. Picture your destiny.


We have a motto:
habits are your destiny.

The things you do every day matter much more than the things you do once in a while. We'll help you clarify your vision for the future and figure out which habits will help you get there.

2. Get habit prescriptions.

Don't rely on vague intentions, like "exercise more."

Designing habits requires that we get specific. We create habit prescriptions across multiple domains, including health, happiness, security and performance, to achieve a variety of measurable outcomes. Find out more >

3. Design the Four Contexts. 

Create a culture and workplace that supports the change you wish to see. 

Avoid the roadblocks that can stand in the way of change at your company. Design the Four Contexts (Systems, Spaces, Social and Self) to support the habits your employees must practice to achieve your collective vision.


Workshop Testimonials


"We were anxious to reimagine what it looks like to work in the PR industry but we didn’t know where to start or how to organize our team to act.

Habits at Work facilitated a Context Design workshop with our team to create a vision, a plan and clear roles.

It’s still early days, but I’ve personally observed a noticeable change in how people talk about maximizing their 'white space' and I’ve witnessed behavior changes around prioritizing self-care and meeting hygiene!" 

- Jenny Garner, VP Strategic Communications, Olson Engage

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“I have specific tools now that I’m ready to literally implement tomorrow that will have a significant impact on my employees and their productivity.”


- Mimi Bosika, Co-Founder, Delos Therapy


"[The workshop] creates an open space to build a future for yourself and your company."


- Ken Sloan, VP of Sales, The Vitality Group