Context Design is our holistic, habit-driven approach to organizational design and employee experience.


Companies know they need to change but they aren’t sure how to measure, understand or maintain their culture. As such, they are seeking new, research-backed ways to improve the performance of their people and their culture. 

Organizational design, human centered design, change management and transformation initiatives are typically attempted at least 3 times in any given 5 year period. The problem is, these projects have a failure rate of 60-70%. 

These projects often fail because companies overlook the vital importance of human habits and  their role in shaping culture and affecting company success (or failure). In order to support peoples’ capacity for habit change, companies need to rethink how they are designed. Not only does this result in healthier, happier and more secure employees, it creates a more human workplace where people are empowered to do their best work.

We offer a new approach to culture change and habit creation for organizations called Context Design. By re-designing the contexts in which their people work and live, we help companies leverage habits as a source of competitive advantage.


Using Context Design as a framework, we go to work on redesigning the four contexts in which work and life unfold: systems, spaces, social and self. 


Systems: The rules, policies, laws, cultural norms, incentives traditions and routines that surround and permeate our lives

Spaces: The environments in which we live, work and play, such as our homes, offices, chools and public places

Social: Other people, such as friends, families, coworkers and peer groups

Self: Our personal thoughts, emotions, decisions and self-narratives


Within each context, we work with companies to support the capacity of their people to create positive habits, a concept we call “Habit Ability.”

We deliver this work via three quick and painless interventions: 


A short survey is deployed to your team to assess your organization’s capacity to support habit change in each of the four contexts.

We will deliver a blended report showing your scores across 13 foundational elements and each of the contexts. This report will highlight if there are any notable differences among levels, teams or locations. 

This assessment will serve as a baseline for any context design work we undertake. We recommend reassessing Habit Ability after one year to determine any shifts or improvements.

Context Design Workshop

During this workshop we will:
• Learn how Health, Happiness + Security habits drive competitive advantage
• Review your assessment results
• Select 1-2 desired outcomes to design into your organization in the coming year
• Determine a vision for success and progress measures
• Design the desired habits into each of the four contexts
• Develop a campaign strategy to connect the performance of these habits to your company purpose
• Determine how to empower others, including volunteers
• Select and plan for “Quick Wins” that ladder up to the vision for success


Strategy + Recommendations

We will create an artifact summarizing the content from the Context Design Workshop for immediate use by your team.

We will also deliver a presentation of long-term strategic recommendations including:
• Additional Quick Wins
• Long-term plan of action
• Purpose-driven messaging platform
• Appropriate Dose Value Habit Prescriptions
• Useful Four Powers Influence Methods
• Suggestions for involving volunteers
•Other strategic recommendations