Our solution is the only one to generate an objective ROI for corporate wellness programs by linking historical data analysis and actuarial projections to the BRATLAB Dose Value™ research database.


Outcomes Value goes beyond other engines by defining improvements in non-financial outcomes, such as health risks, associated symptoms and even employee productivity.


We help our clients achieve clarity to difficult questions, including:

Did wellness programs save the company money in the past? How might this change in the future?

What should the company do differently to generate a higher return on investment from the wellness program?

Which aspects of the wellness program should be dropped because they add no value?

Where exactly are the savings generated?

How would engaging in wellness campaigns with higher commitment levels increase cost savings while lowering risks and symptoms?



Outcomes Value is available on an annual subscription basis:

Use Outcomes Value if:

Your company is looking to evaluate your current programs + determine whether they could be more effective.
Is your company curious to know whether your wellness investments are yielding a positive impact on the company balance sheet or employee health and productivity?

As a wellness company, you can use Outcomes Value to demonstrate the beneficial impact that your interventions have on your clients + their employees.


Outcomes Value™ is a predictive engine that evaluates the impact of wellness plan designs on cost, productivity and symptoms.

It seeks to answer the questions:

What’s the potential value of employee wellness and performance programs?

How does a company go about maximizing the return on investment and achieve the best possible outcomes?


How does it work?

Outcomes Value builds an evaluation of historical impact based on data input by an employer on top of a theoretical base derived from research.

It also provides an actuarial projection of the likely future impact of the wellness initiatives, which may be different from past initiatives.

Through a web interface, Outcomes Value captures and evaluates:

  • Company Information (e.g. number of employees, start date of the wellness plan, projected headcount changes, payroll)
  • Historical and future wellness campaign design including commitment levels (and evaluation of effectiveness) for wellness campaigns, projected annual growth in wellness participation, historical costs and a proposed annual budget for wellness programs
  • Historical wellness plan data including wellness campaign participation, historical wellness investments
  • Benefit plan costs data for health plans but also for disability, death and other health-related benefit arrangements
  • Historical Biometric Data for BMI, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol, Fitness and Stress
  • Historical Behavior Data for Exercise, Healthy Eating, Sleep, Smoking, Stress Management and Disease Management Compliance

Outcomes Value produces a variety of outputs, including graphs + tables illustrating:

  • Reduction in costs: absence, presenteeism, benefit costs, turnover
  • Improvements in risks and symptoms: hypertension, BMI, blood glucose, cholesterol, stress, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, fatigue, mental illness
  • Improvements in productivity: positive enhancements to executive function, stamina, happiness, efficiency and reduced error rates, employee engagement, happiness or eudaimonia and employee morale
  • Return on Investment (ROI) for wellness programs: historical period, projection period and overall, with the flexibility to incorporate productivity improvements if preferred

Data Collection Warehouse + Integration Platform


2CRisk is the only cloud-based occupational health platform designed to help companies proactively manage employee health and well-being in one central location, while gaining the intelligence required to target identified health risks and improve productivity.

What is 2CRisk?
2CRisk is a cloud-based health risk management solution that integrates complex health data from multiple sources in one place, allowing companies to efficiently identify problem areas and reduce occupational health risks.
This platform helps in the design of health programs that meet the specific needs of a company and its employees.

Through a partnership with 2CRisk, we are proudly offering data collection + warehouse capabilities that seamlessly integrate with our Outcomes Value offering.

  • Simplify data collection processes across multiple sources
  • Identify trends within your population
  • Reduce health risk + measure the results
  • Integrate with Outcomes Value for truer ROI
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance
  • Use with external systems for further analysis
  • Create customized reports
  • Integrated suite of apps, including: employment screening, health management, injury management, post-employment health risk, health intelligence reporting, etc.