Who should submit

All solution providers offering products or services to companies and their employees focused on the domains of health, happiness, and/or financial security.

Submit if:

  • You are a vendor that sells a product or service geared toward habit creation in the domain of human health, happiness and/or financial security. 

  • Your offering can be sold B2B2C -- ideally, it is a company / corporate-based solution. 

Partnership requirements

In order to be considered your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • You offer an established solution in the domains of health, happiness and/or financial security
  • You complete all responses in the Interest Survey and Habit Ability Assessment
  • You agree to revenue sharing requirements
  • You agree to referral and re-seller terms
  • You agree to invoice Habits at Work / Vivacity for all business as customer billing to be issued by Habits at Work or other entities as directed by Habits at Work
  • You may or may not elect to participate as a WORK ROOM partner

Selection process

Phase I

  • A summary of the preferred partner qualifications
  • A review of the partnership agreement and terms
  • Completion of a partner assessment

Phase II

  • Evaluation of all submissions
  • Identification and notification of finalists

Phase III

  • Agree to participate in additional candidate evaluation requirements such as a Cyber-security audit, review of the liability insurance protection, client reference calls, HIPAA policy review, IT technology review and other onsite audits as required
  • Final selection and notification of partners
  • Execution of contracts and sponsorship election