How does Habits at Work partner with other organizations?

Habits at Work closes the gap between your products and the work that should be done by employers to drive high and sustained engagement in your programs and ultimately their success. We provide research, professional services, partner selection services and actuarial evaluation services to connect the missing links. Habits at Work is NOT a technology platform, wellness, financial fitness or employee engagement technology company. Instead, we work with the best vendors in the market for our employer clients.

What is the deadline for submission?

July 15, 2016 by midnight Central Standard Time.

Can we email our responses?

No, all questionnaires must be completed electronically using the link provided.

Who do we contact for questions?

Due to the number of companies being evaluated, we will not be able to respond individual inquiries. Instead, two question and answer webinars will be held and recorded on July 6th and 12th.

How can I sign up for the Q&A webinars?

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Two Q&A webinars will be held to answer any questions related to the partner assessment: July 6th and 12th.

Details on timing and access will be sent via email in advance of these sessions.

Please submit the form to receive an invitation to the Q&A webinars.

What is the typical employer client size?

The primary target market is employer organizations with 200+ employees. Vendor product partners should be able to fully support large, national accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 or more lives. Those that can support groups below 200 lives will also be attractive (even if the solution is only available to a portfolio of smaller employers combined under a given insurance product or market sector).

What are the primary qualities of a preferred partner?

  • Provide services to companies and their employees nationwide
  • Properly accredited and insured
  • Meet and exceed high service standards
  • Consistently high customer satisfaction scores
  • Product / service has proven track record of initiating and sustaining employee habit change
  • Must be willing to consider Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield / Vivacity billing clients on behalf of your company to allow for consolidated billing
  • Must be willing to pay an ongoing referral and management fee, in return for support in driving high and sustained engagement with common employer clients

I am an existing partner of Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Vivacity or Habits at Work. Do I still need to complete the partner assessment?

Yes. One of the outcomes of the survey is to uniquely identify the strongest behavior change influence methods your solution supports in order to recommend the appropriate fit for our clients’ needs.

Can I view the questions before I start the partner assessment?

Yes, you can view the Interest Survey questions here. The Habit Ability Assessment may only be accessed online.

Can I start the partner assessment and save to complete it later?

Yes, you are able to save your progress. Upon saving, you will receive an email with a link to return to the partner assessment.

Is participating in WORK ROOM a requirement of all product partners?

No. WORK ROOM Seattle simply represents the first opportunity for product partners to gain access to clients.

Who attends WORK ROOM?

WORK ROOM benefits leaders and decision makers of companies responsible for the people and/or financial performance of their company.  Participants represent an array of roles and responsibility levels in their organizations, including C-Suite, human capital, human resources, talent management, learning, culture change management, business development, employee engagement and marketing.

I’ve started my Partner Assessment but didn’t select the "save and continue" button. Is there a way I can retrieve it?

Yes, please send an email to Debbi Brooks at and a link to your assessment will be sent to you.

How many vendors are you expecting to partner with?

As we are looking at vendors who focus in the areas of health, happiness and financial security for employees AND the behavioral influence methods that are core to their solution, it is difficult to provide an exact number. That said, our expectation is to have approximately 20 partners across all 3 domains of employee health, happiness and financial security.

Could you please explain what "referral" and "reseller" mean?

Both are situations where revenue is shared with Habits at Work and/or Vivacity.

Referral: Any new business secured from a "qualified referral," which means any introduction or other type of referral from Habits at Work or Vivacity to our Partner. Examples of referrals include but are not limited to: new business acquired as a result of WORK ROOM in which a Partner participates, or a person or entity to which Habits at Work has an existing relationship.

Reseller: The partner appoints Habits at Work as an authorized reseller of their products with rights to promote and sell the Partner’s products. Partners are to provide Habits at Work with their standard customer agreement and marketing materials. Habits at Work will be allowed to mark-up the Partner’s products over a fixed price set by the Partner. Habits at Work will bill and collect and remit to the Partner for an new client or contract that is secured by Habits at Work.

We are an existing vendor of Habits at Work, Vivacity or Premera. Are you looking to replace us?

No. We very much value our current Partners and have worked hard to develop these relationships. Through the Partner Assessment, we are creating a new way to view your solution’s value proposition to clients by identifying your core strengths in behavior influence in a different way than we have in the past - - through the lenses of Dose Value and Four Powers.

Will the contract be with Habits at Work or Vivacity? Will it be a joint contract?

This will depend on the nature of the client relationship. For clients that are primarily, if not solely a Habits at Work client, it will be a Habits at Work contract. Where Vivacity holds the primary relationship, the contract will be with Vivacity.

What if we are concerned about having different fee schedules in the market?

Please reach out to Debbi Brooks at to discuss ways to we can approach the market to minimize confusion to current and prospective clients.

Partners who will be participating in WORK ROOM will have an opportunity to showcase their solution on day 3 of the workshop. What will partners be doing during the first 2 days?

We would love our partners to participate as attendees! You will also be able to spend time networking with business leaders attending the workshop, as well as support any of your clients and prospects that you have invited.

Can you provide any guarantees of number of lives or revenue?

There are NO guarantees. The sell-through depends on so many factors that it is not possible to make a guarantee or even a reliable prediction that will apply across the board for all vendors. However, as part of the discussions with Habits at Work and Vivacity that will follow completion of the Partner Assessment, this conversation will be had in order to determine the terms of a partnership that make sense for all parties.