The habits that make up your company culture determine the productivity of your employees.

Employee productivity is driven by many factors.
The two most important and measurable drivers are performance and engagement.


Generating Employee Performance

We define "performance" as the ability, energy, stamina and mental capacity to do great work, to be resilient in the face of set-backs and to remain highly focused on a set of important work and life tasks.

When your employees are healthy, happy and secure, they generate sustained, high-quality performance in many ways, including:

  • Being in a frequent state of flow
  • Avoiding distractions from being sick, unhappy or insecure
  • Improving team work and work relationships

The habits that lead to health, happiness and security are chosen to support performance as the key ultimate outcome.

Generating Employee Engagement

We define "engagement" as the heightened emotional and intellectual connection an employee has for their job, work, manager, peers and company that leads to them applying additional discretionary effort to their work.

How we get people to practice Pivotal Habits has an impact on their relationship to their work, their company and their peers. We leverage BRATLAB research in the form of the Four Powers, a set of habit creation influence methods that leave employees highly engaged with their employers and work, and thrilled with the experience and results of becoming healthy, happy and secure.