Habits drive people + fuel competitive advantage for companies.

Driven by BRATLAB research, we've uncovered a collection of Pivotal Habits Practices that, when practiced, unlock health, happiness and security for employees, as well as performance for companies.


Why health, happiness + security habits?

We believe a pivotal few of these habits help generate flow, fuel superhuman performance and success, and enable companies to flourish.

The habits that generate health, happiness and security in turn allow people to be more focused at work, which means they can achieve the ultimate state of FLOW more often. When in FLOW, people can reliably produce 10x their everyday output. This is what we refer to as superhuman performance.

This level and quality of performance generated consistently by your employees has a direct impact on your company’s ability to innovate, move quickly, adapt and evolve, make effective decisions and reduce time and cost waste across the board.