Our office is deliberately designed to elevate productivity, support well-being and captivate curiosity. 

Every time I visit the Habits at Work office, I discover something new and thought-provoking. You’ll never leave feeling anything less than energized and excited - and don’t forget to ask for a tour!
— Mikki Williams, Vistage Chair

Located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, our office is close to a bevy of restaurants, shops, hotels and public transportation. 


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When you attend a workshop at Habits at Work, you can count on a fresh, interesting and energizing experience.

Each room and item in our office serves a greater purpose and has a story to tell.


A Playful Zone

A reminder to our team and to our visitors that a playful mindset is the key to unlocking creativity, a global view expands our thinking, and including people from all corners of the world, of all colors, is the way to build a company that flourishes and shines with the brightness of primary colors.  

Workshop Space

Our training and yoga studio transforms into a customizable workshop facility depending on the session type, number of attendees and overarching goal.


Conference Room

Plan, map and develop in our purposefully un-designed conference room intended for heightened focus.

Trust Room

Looking into someone's eyes for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, the trust hormone. Here, you’ll find a room full of faces staring back at you. This is where important conversations happen!

Take a Mental Break

People are most effective at work when they take a short, physical and mental break every 45 minutes. The human brain is attuned to focus on things in the environment that are surprising, disgusting, sexy or novel. This wall is intended to pull your attention away from work using images that represent exactly those things.