Our Offerings


Vision + Strategy Platform

Many corporate well-being initiatives fail because they implement programs without a clear vision or strategy. Streamline the development of your wellness vision, strategy and planning so you can get to effective execution faster.


Wellness Assessment

Successful wellness programs are designed to adapt and fit within the distinct cultures and unique circumstances of an organization.

Our Wellness Assessment is designed to explore, evaluate and uncover factors that may enhance or obstruct the successful implementation of your wellness program.


Outcomes Value

Our Data + Outcomes solution combines the BRATLAB research-fueled Outcomes Value™ engine with an easy-to-use data collection warehouse, provided through a partnership with 2CRisk.



Short for Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory, BRATLAB is a research and consulting team within Habits at Work. Over the last decade, the BRATLAB team has researched why people find it hard to create healthy habits and how best to support them in doing so.



Our CHAMPIONS program leverages social contagion theory to bring about change by empowering natural heroes within a given population to publicly practice positive habits.


Live + Online Academy

The Habits at Work Academy offers live and online training designed to create experts in the realm of habit creation and the impact of positive habits on employee performance. Each course leverages insights and tactical applications sourced from our research division, BRATLAB.


Custom Consulting

Our consulting has supported the thinking and product development of some of the world’s leading wellness companies, health insurers and large employers through the design of wellness programs, wellness-driven health plans and employee engagement programs that lead to high and sustained participation, and measurable ROI for all stakeholders.