We all know it’s true: business as usual is unhealthy.

It encourages bad habits like sitting all day, eating junk food, checking devices late at night and not exercising.

These habits aren’t just harmful to the people practicing them, they also hurt the bottom line of the companies they work for.

The habits people practice not only strongly influence their own health, happiness and financial security - for companies, employees’ habits affect productivity, customer satisfaction and company growth and profitability. Habits are so important to the success of individuals and of companies that we like to say, “habits are your destiny.”

On the flip side, having people practice the right habits can be a company’s greatest source of competitive advantage.

Our extensive research has uncovered a core set of Pivotal Habits that, when practiced, unlock health, happiness and security for employees, as well as performance for companies. These pivotal habits are the building blocks of high performance individuals and company cultures.

Which habits are the right ones for your company?

Based on our BRATLAB research, our consultants connect your desired business outcomes such as reducing health-related costs, improving employee performance, or increasing engagement, with the habits your employees must practice to achieve them. Getting employees to practice the specific habits that matter most to your company is the foundation of a strategic well-being initiative. 

Knowing which habits make the difference is half the battle.

The other half is actually getting employees to practice them. Our consultants devise custom well-being programs that get employees to practice habits in a way that leaves them feeling thrilled with the experience and more engaged with their employer. We also have a stable of habit influencing products, platforms and programs that help larger employers support habit change across diverse employee populations.

The result? 

Healthy, happy and secure employees who are highly engaged and can achieve maximum performance, delight customers and build flourishing companies — all powered by pivotal habits.