Culture change projects are rarely successful for a myriad of reasons. 

Many leaders simply overlook the fact that the habits their employees practice create their culture every day, and their future over time. 

Therefore, designing the right habits into the fabric of your organization is the key to culture change and company success. 

Habits at Work has spent the last decade helping leaders future-proof their companies using a framework for employee habit change. 

We deliver workshops, coaching and lessons that build internal capacity to bring our framework to life through Context Design, a holistic approach to culture change, employee experience and organization design.

Putting Change into Context, a 1-day interactive workshop: 

  1. Leave with a simple framework for Context Design you can use to achieve individual, team or organizational goals by designing the conditions of the workplace in support of desired habits.
  2. Discover which habits move the needle and improve employee health, happiness, security and performance. 
  3. Reimagine the model for employee success in your organization to empower your employees to practice the positive habits that drive performance.
  4. Discover the critical role that communication plays in changing mindsets, habits and cultures.
  5. Step into your role as a Change Agent and implement what you learn at your company!