Our consultants help business leaders determine which of the pivotal habits align with their desired business outcomes, and what the best course of action is for getting employees to practice them.






Habit Destiny
Streamline the development of your well-being vision, strategy + planning so you can get to effective execution faster.

Many corporate well-being initiatives fail because they implement programs without a clear vision or strategy. Our solution pairs proven planning methodologies with analysis + recommendations from Habits at Work experts, making it easy to blend strategy, implementation + measurement elements into a single well-being program roadmap. 

Habit Ability
Assess your organization’s culture to determine how to make habit change easy for your people. 

Successful well-being programs are designed to adapt and fit within the distinct cultures and unique circumstances of an organization. Our Habit Ability Assessment is designed to uncover the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your current (and future) well-being initiatives. The depth of analysis can vary from an in-depth review with site visits and employee interviews, to a a high-level online assessment that uncovers your unique culture. 

Outcomes Value
Get answers to difficult questions like whether your well-being investments are yielding a positive impact on the company balance sheet or employee health and productivity.

Outcomes Value is a predictive engine that evaluates the impact of wellness plan designs on cost, productivity and symptoms. Outcomes Value is the only solution to generate an objective, robust and reliable ROI for corporate wellness programs. Outcomes Value also goes beyond other engines by defining improvements in non-financial outcomes, such as health risks, associated symptoms and even employee productivity.

Provider Audit
Evaluate whether your providers are delivering health, happiness and financial security to your business.

In light of the BRATLAB Four Powers model and against the background of your well-being strategy, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your provider partners. We will test the providers’ abilities to meet your current needs and their ability to create pivotal habits amongst your employees, and provide recommendations based on our findings

We also deliver habit creation solutions that drive employee performance + leave your people fully engaged and thrilled with the experience.




Transform your organization’s natural leaders into your secret weapon for high, sustained engagement in your employee performance programs + your business.

Our CHAMPIONS program is purposefully designed to seed healthy habits in the small cliques that already exist within the workplace. Our experts leverage social contagion theory to bring about change by empowering natural heroes within a given population to publicly practice positive habits.

Implementation Support
It’s not what you do, it's how you do it. The implementation of new strategies and providers will set the tone for future engagement, and pave the way for success.

We help organizations to get off on the right foot. Using the most appropriate influence methods from the start, we will ensure that your strategy, campaigns and new provider launches land in the best possible way for your employees. With carefully structured messaging to employees, and the right levels of support from your provider partners, engagement with your well-being program will be optimized.

Strategic Partners
For larger companies, we have a variety of partners that are proven to help employees create health, happiness and security habits.