We designed this course for leaders and change agents looking to create movements, evolve company cultures and design habit change.


✓ Discover the secret power of communication to inspire, enroll and influence change. 

✓ Learn simple frameworks for building narratives and crafting stories.

✓ Collect and curate a library of "legends" and tales of transformation that will inspire and motivate others.

✓ Develop and hone your narratives in a live environment designed to help you achieve mastery through deliberate practice.


Craft narratives that will:


✓ Connect to a greater purpose or vision

✓ Enroll others in a cause or movement

✓ Challenge the status quo

✓ Inspire action 

✓ Change mental models

✓ Build confidence and belief

✓ Demonstrate transformation


2018 Workshops

Join us for 2 days at our Chicago headquarters!

May 15-16

July 16-17

October 8-9

Or, perhaps you're interested in hosting a private version of this workshop for your team?

Who should attend?

Communicate for Change was designed for leaders and professionals hoping to use the power of their narratives to influence, persuade and inspire change in others.

→ Managers + Leaders

→ Wellbeing + Engagement

→ Change Agents + Human Resources

→ Marketing + Internal Comms