Despite investing in traditional wellness programs, most organizations still suffer from:



High Error Rates

Poor Decision Making


If you can only do one thing for your employees, get them to move.

Frequent movement throughout the day can reduce the risks of sitting disease while increasing cognitive function, stamina and decision making abilities for your employees.*


20% faster learning

As little as 6 minutes of high intensity exercise results in 20% faster learning with retention of newly learned material being 10% better, one week after exercise*

25% more stamina

10 minutes of exercise during the day significantly improves stamina in 25% of the population*


30% better decision making

30-45 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise results in 30% more thoughtful and strategic decision making*

10% more productivity

2.5 hours per week of exercise during work hours results in a 10% increase in productivity*

Wearables at work make fitness tracking fun + easy.


Activity Tracker
Mobile App
Sync Station**


Activity Tracker

Step Tracking - Track the number of steps taken in a 24-hour period in real-time

Sleep Monitoring - Gain valuable insight into sleeping patterns

Water Resistant - Wear it in the shower, the rain and while working out

Multiple Ways to Wear - Keep the tracker in your pocket or wear it in the wristband

5-Day Battery Life - Recharge the battery with the included USB cable

Sleek Design - Curved glass is streamlined and more ergonomic than other wearables


Smartphone Notifications - Discreetly check who's calling, texting or emailing without looking at a phone

Social Alerts - Receive notifications from apps including Instagram, Whatsapp and ESPN

Meeting Alerts - Get a vibrating reminder before meetings begin

Weather Updates - Start the day with a quick glace at the weather

Date + Time - Sync the date and time with a smartphone

Mobile App

Goal Setting - Create challenges by setting individually tailored goals

Alarm Setting - Coach yourself into better health by setting reminders to perform new habits

Progress Monitoring - View changes in activity levels over time and compete with coworkers

Why Striiv?


Individual data on steps taken, hours slept and calories burned is viewable only by the employee it belongs to, not the employer.

Employees Engage on Their Terms
No employer oversight means employees are free to use Striiv to reach their personal goals, without any perceived judgment.

Choice + Flexibility
Employees can choose their level of engagement with their coworkers via the app without any extra administrative work required.

True Engagement
Implementing Striiv is an authentic, unconditional investment in employee well-being. When employees feel cared for by their companies, they are more likely to be engaged.

Low Cost
Striiv is as feature-rich as other devices on the market, but low-cost to employers, and free to employees.

Easy Implementation
Striiv is easy for organizations to order, distribute to employees and replace or reorder as necessary.

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* Source: BRATLAB research
** Sync station allows for secure data syncing and upload without a smartphone