Are disengaged managers costing you money?

Most managers are promoted because they were exemplary in their previous role or due to tenure. 

Poorly trained, disengaged managers cost U.S. companies approximately $360 billion per year in lost productivity!


Habits of a Future-Proof Manager

An online course designed to help managers show up differently and foster the habits of high-performance within their teams.


Future-Proof Your Managers

Foster High-Performance Teams


Accelerate Business Growth


Our self-paced online course will:

  • dramatically improve the way your managers show up and perform

  • help your managers foster high-performance teams

  • drive team trust, alignment and accountability

  • create a positive ripple effect across your organization, improving engagement and reducing turnover

The next course launches on April 2!

To secure a spot for your managers in our upcoming course, schedule a 20-minute advisory session with Andrew Sykes.


For more than a decade, Habits at Work has helped leaders like you execute on a new kind of vision for their employees:

A promise to improve the lives of their people by designing the conditions of the workplace to make it easier for people to practice the habits that matter most to them. 


Prepare your managers for the future by securing a spot for them in our next online course launching on April 2nd!


Still not sure if our online training is right for your managers?

See what other business leaders are saying about our program:

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“I have specific tools now that I’m ready to literally implement tomorrow that will have a significant impact on my employees and their productivity.” 

- Mimi Bosika, Co-Founder, Delos Therapy

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"[The course] creates an open space to build a future for yourself and your company."

- Ken Sloan, VP of Sales, The Vitality Group

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“Experiencing [the course] together helped us all hear, believe and understand at helped bond us around a goal, and got us out of our comfort zones.”

- Tricia Ewald, EVP, Olson Engage


As the leader of your organization, you carry the responsibility of enhancing your managers' ability to succeed in their roles and foster high-performance teams. 


A CFO asks a CEO:

"What happens if we invest in our people and they leave?"


The CEO responds:

 "What happens if we don't invest in them and then they stay?"


Our Habits of a Future-Proof Manager course is an actionable introduction to the "secret weapon" of habit change.

Investing in the personal and professional development of your managers has a significant impact on their ability to embody the right mindsets and habits to engage your employees, improve team performance and foster a positive culture that makes people love coming to work.

We've done the heavy lifting for your managers. 

For the last 10 years, we've researched which habits matter most for improving individual and team performance. 

We've also developed a dead-simple framework for designing the conditions of work in support of practicing these pivotal habits. 


Managers who complete the course will:

  • Get access to self-paced video lessons and interactive activities 
  • Learn how to create the habits to help them become Future-Proof
  • Experiment with new ways of working with their team
  • Understand what it takes to foster a high-performance team
  • Have a one-on-one session with a leadership coach to reflect on their experience and create a game plan to implement what they've learned
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What is possible for your managers, your teams and your company if you invest in this course?

Companies of all shapes and sizes recognize that personal development leads to higher performance at work for managers, employees and teams.

Habits of a Future-Proof Manager launches April 2nd!  

Join other businesses like yours in supporting the development of your managers!

Take the first step and schedule a 20-minute advisory session with Andrew Sykes to learn how this course can benefit your managers and your company. 

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