Habit design workshops to improve employee and company performance.

Show Up Differently.
Improve Team Performance.
Accelerate Business Growth.


Online courses, coaching and live workshops designed to help managers show up differently and foster high-performance teams using habits.


Be the best manager you can be.


Show Up Differently

Improving your performance begins with inner work. Master the habits that help you show up differently. 


Foster High-Performance Teams

Create a supportive environment that makes performing the right habits easy and sustainable for your team.


Accelerate Business Growth

Improving team performance has a direct impact on your company's bottom line.


Managing a team in today's work environment can feel like an overwhelming and thankless responsibility. 


It's no longer enough for managers to make sure their team accomplishes tasks.

Today, managers are also responsible for developing the individual and collective performance of their people. 

This work requires a dual approach.

Experiencing [the workshop] together helped us all hear, believe and understand at once...it helped bond us around a goal, and got us out of our comfort zones.
— Tricia Ewald, EVP, Olson Engage

Improve Your Management Skills & Create High-Performance Team

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Change is the only certainty in today's uncertain world. 

Stop deploying culture change and transformation programs that cause distraction, reduce trust, add stress and waste money.


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