Habit design workshops to improve employee and company performance.

We speak + facilitate workshops to help you design a company culture rooted in positive habits, so your employees can thrive and your business can flourish.


You want a company culture that allows your employees to thrive and creates a flourishing business with an impossible-to-copy competitive advantage.


To achieve that, you need to empower your employees to be the best versions of themselves and do their best work.


The problem is, evolving your culture is difficult.

Culture change projects are rarely successful. Simply thinking about it can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and skeptical that you can achieve success!


Designing habits into the fabric of your organization is the key. 

We've spent more than a decade:

> researching which habits make the difference for health, happiness, security and performance

> curating a framework for habit change rooted in behavioral psychology and organizational design 

> designing and deploying habit-based programs within companies of all shapes and sizes

> facilitating workshops for companies like yours to build internal capacity for habit design


Join us in Chicago for a 2-day workshop designed for leaders and change agents looking to create movements, evolve company cultures and design habit change!

Communicate for Change

January 3-4, 2018



Stop deploying ineffective programs that cause distraction, reduce trust, add stress and waste money.


We'll help you design habits into your organization by considering your systems, spaces, teams and individuals.

It's simple to start, and the most sustainable way to change your culture.


Attend a Workshop


Build Internal Capacity


Create a Thriving Culture

Experiencing [the workshop] together helped us all hear, believe and understand at once...it helped bond us around a goal, and got us out of our comfort zones.
— Tricia Ewald, EVP, Olson Engage

Master habit design and unlock success for your company.


Our workshops follow a simple, proven framework to build your internal capacity for organization design, culture change and habit creation.


1. Clarify your vision for the future

2. Discover which habits matter most


3. Design habits into your culture