Successful wellness programs are designed to adapt + fit within the distinct cultures + unique circumstances of an organization.

Our Wellness Assessment is designed to explore, evaluate and uncover factors that may enhance or obstruct the successful implementation of your wellness program.

By combining qualitative + quantitative data, our in-depth Wellness Assessment uncovers the strengths, challenges and opportunities of your current (and future) wellness initiatives.


Wellness Assessments Driven by Four Powers™

Our Wellness Assessment is rooted in behavioral psychology + habit change research.

  • Leverages 3rd party insights
  • Not reliant on biometric data or inconsistent self-reporting
  • In-depth, comprehensive evaluation of behaviors within major life contexts (self, social, spaces + systems)
  • Quantitative + qualitative data inputs
  • Aimed at long-term success through positive habit creation
  • Identifies practical steps + manageable changes to significantly improve the outcomes of your investment

How it works:

  • We present the Four Powers™ influence framework to your leadership team
  • We interview select individuals, engage in group discussions + observe your physical work environment + culture
  • We identify the strengths + weaknesses of your current initiatives
  • We recommend unique solutions tailored to suit your organization’s needs