Partnership benefits

Create a compelling NEED for your product

When company clients complete our Habit Ability Assessment, we are able to identify their compelling needs


We explain your PRODUCT as the SOLUTION

We provide the best-in-class solutions (your products) to each habit creation need identified by company clients


SHORTEN the sales cycle with your prospects

Bring your prospects to WORK ROOM to amplify their need and urgency for your products, reducing the time to contract


Share your product to a wider AUDIENCE

Gain access to our company client base and present to hundreds of engaged employers on how and why your product drives habit creation and performance

What is WORK ROOM?

WORK ROOM is an interactive workshop designed to help companies become an employer of choice by investing in the health, happiness and security of their employees

WORK ROOM represents the first opportunity for product partners to gain access to clients.

WORK ROOM co-marketing opportunities are limited to joint Habits at Work and Vivacity partner organizations.

In the upcoming three-day session in Seattle, company leaders will gather to assess their current people strategy, determine pain points, outline their preferred future, and create a strategy to move their organization forward. Employers will leave with a clear people strategy and a map of the PARTNERS needed for their plan to succeed. 

A significant goal of WORK ROOM is to have attendees leave with the steps to having identified and connected with “best in class” product partners who work in the health, happiness and financial security domains to achieve their employee performance objectives. 

Participating product and service partners will leave with WORK ROOM having met hundreds of new prospective clients with clearly defined needs solved only by our partners’ solutions. It’s a unique competitive advantage for partners who truly provide the best products in the marketplace.