What's behind a vision?

In setting out to create the Habits at Work company and brand, our team did a bit of soul searching. In the end, we declared a new future for ourselves, for companies, for employees and for the world of work.


A future where people are healthy, happy and secure, and their better lives build companies that flourish.

How did we come to this company vision? We examined our shared experiences and beliefs on what works (and what does NOT work) in the world of work.

We believe that when people's basic needs are met that they can be the best versions of themselves, perform better at work and fully engage with their peers and companies. As a result, companies are more productive, adaptive and successful.

Below is a manifesto of sorts -- the story behind our vision. Hopefully it will lend a bit of insight into our work, our perspective on the world of work and the potential for a company that puts its people first.

For a long time we’ve let our work mean something that doesn’t serve us.

Instead, it has served efficiency, control, hierarchy and the bottom line. It has served to make us fatter, sicker, depressed, disconnected, disillusioned and unsafe. And it has left us with more than a lack of direction. It has made it all but impossible for us to be our best selves.


Our predictable future is full uncertainty and chaos.

A future where we are even less connected to ourselves, each other and our greater purpose. But all is not lost.


Now is the time for us to declare a new future for ourselves.

A future where work is a part of life, not apart from life. Where we can bring our whole selves to everything that we do. A future where we can achieve health, happiness and security THROUGH our work. Where our work contributes directly to our personal and societal success. Where success equals shared growth and prosperity based on human ideals and integrity. Where what we’ve created and given, and poured our hearts into truly means something.


Let’s build a future where companies flourish as a result of investing in the lives of their people.

A future where we know ourselves and are able to sit comfortably with that knowledge. Where we can connect with others in a real way. Where we can seek new experiences and take risks. Where we are encouraged to create and play. Where we can ask questions and challenge assumptions. Where we can use our imaginations to bring new things into existence. Where we can see the tangible results of our efforts. Where we can make meaning through our work.


By embarking on this journey together, we can build the type of company where…

  • Our rituals promote healthy habits...
  • Honoring your word becomes our currency...
  • The learning is never done...
  • Our differences are celebrated and valued...
  • Quick experiments enable evolution...
  • Fun and play are encouraged...
  • Curiosity, creativity and questioning are essential...

...We can be the best versions of ourselves.


Let’s build this future, together.
Let’s build futures that flourish.