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Deliberate Practice: Your Pathway to Growth and Mastery

The traditional approach to improvement and achievement – desire and hard work -- will not get you there. What is needed instead is the “right sort of practice.”

In fact, becoming an “expert” in something is largely a matter of improving your mental processes. As humans, our goal should be not just to reach our potential, but to deliberately build it, to make things possible that were not possible before.

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How I redesigned the contexts of my life to change a habit (and how you can learn from my success)

Having successfully extinguished my smoking habit, I now see the massively important role that changing my habits has on my life, my performance at work, my role as a leader, and my future.

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9 Habit Practices that Drive Employee Performance

What really works to drive engagement and performance?

Our team of actuaries and researchers spend our energy and time investigating what drives optimal engagement and performance in an organization.

We dive into behavioral economics, social contagion theory, environmental psychology and more to look at all the factors that contribute to performance. The most common element we have found among these factors is that they are all driven by our habits: the repetitive actions we take each day as employees.

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