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"The most effective training I've had in a 22 year career."  "It was very clear, actioanable and we were able to practice what we learned. I came away with a takeaway I've been seeking for years."  Gary Gustafson  Divisional Vice President, Limeade

"very powerful session"

"we were applying new learning WHILE we were learning it"

"I feel empowered"

"[The Workshop} created an open space to build a future for yourself and your company."  Ken Sloan,  VP of Sales, The Vitality Group

"filled with energy"

"Experiencing [the workshop] together helped us all hear, believe and understand at helped bond us around a goal, and got us out of our comfort zones."  Tricia Ewald  EVP, Olson Engage

"takes you out of your routine"

"the facilitators are amazing"

"I have specific tools now that I'm ready to literally implement tomorrow that will have a significant impact on my employees and their productivity."  Mimi Bosika  Co-Founder, Delos Therapy