Let’s turn your sellers into Magnetic Trusted Advisors

Help your sellers create customer value, stand out during the sales process, and sell more faster

Are your sellers…

  • Leading with your product instead of listening to customers?
  • Creating value with every customer interaction?
  • Having effective conversations that drive customer transformation?
  • Differentiating your company in the way that they show up during the sales process?

Customers decide that they want to buy from your sellers before they decide what they want to buy from your company. It’s time to equip your sales team to show up as strategic partners for your customers.

Creative Conversations Programs

Our immersive programs combine courses focused on conversation skills with a series of high-impact habit courses that bring the conversation types to life.

Reconnaissance Conversations Program

Lead discovery conversations that unearth problems, create possibilities, motivate action and foster commitment, all while building trust and establishing credibility.

Reconnaissance Courses

  • Getting Good at Getting Great: Deliberate Practice & Feedback
  • Present Yourself: Great First & Lasting Impressions
  • Listen Empathically: Pay Attention & Attend to What Matters
  • Pose the Right Questions: Unearth What Matters & Unlock Pathways for Action
  • Reconnaissance Conversations 1: Unearth Where They Are
  • Reconnaissance Conversations 2: Discover Where They’d Like to Be
  • Reconnaissance Conversations 3: Discuss What They’ll Need
  • Reconnaissance Conversations 4: Agree How You’ll Work Together
  • Ask Customers for Feedback: Uniquely Serve Each Customer

Pathway Conversations Program

Lead internal and customer-facing conversations to solve the right problems, present ideas in a way that motivates action, and co-create solutions with your customers to build ownership and gain commitment.

Pathway Courses

  • Solve Problems: Peer-Generated Solutions
  • Negotiate Fairly 1: Set Ambitious Goals & Prepare to Learn
  • Present Ideas: Bring Ideas to Life with Purpose & Passion
  • Negotiate Fairly 2: Gives, Gets & Gains
  • Negotiate Fairly 3: Value Trading
  • Pathway Conversations 1: Recreate the Landscape
  • Pathway Conversations 2: Present the Pathways
  • Pathway Conversations 3: Co-Create the Campaign
  • Pathway Conversations 4: Commitments & Contracting

Enrollment Conversations Program

Lead conversations that empower your customers through storytelling. Invite your customers into stories to gain their buy in, enroll critical stakeholders, and motivate teams to take action on solutions.

Enrollment Courses

  • Enrollment Conversations 1: Set the Context
  • Enrollment Conversations 2: Reveal the Challenge 
  • Enrollment Conversations 3: Inspire the Campaign
  • Enrollment Conversations 4: Invite the Commitment
  • Powerful Origin Stories: Competitively Differentiate Your Company & Solution
  • Navigate Concerns: Turn Concerns into Opportunities
  • Campaign Contributors: Enroll People Before & During a Campaign 
  • Value Trading: Bring Negotiable Items to Life
  • Story Library: Build a Library to Adopt & Adapt Your Stories

Milestone Conversations Program

Lead customer conversations to assess progress toward goals, make adjustments to your approach, prioritize actions, keep and make promises, and help your customers achieve their vision.

Milestone Courses

  • Keep Your Word 1: Responsible Promises
  • Run Effective Meetings 1: Prepare, Promises, Process & Perspective (roles)
  • Plan & Prioritize: Help People Prioritize to Make New Promises
  • Run Effective Meetings 2: Power Close & Follow Up to Deliver on Promises
  • Keep Your Word 2: Restoring Trust
  • Milestone Conversations 1: Look Back & Assess Progress
  • Milestone Conversations 2: Check the Campaign
  • Milestone Conversations 3: Check the Horizon & Make Necessary Adjustments
  • Milestone Conversations 4: Make New Promises

Participant Experience

Program Kickoff

60-minute live session that articulates a compelling promise for the program to get your team excited & committed

Interactive Workshops

2-hour facilitated live sessions that shift mindsets, impart critical knowledge & create space to practice new skills

Deliberate Practice & Feedback

Our programs help your managers and teams create a supportive culture of preparation, practice & feedback

Practice Sessions

60-minute facilitated live sessions create the dedicated space for your team to practice, get feedback and learn from their peers

Context Design

Our proprietary habit change technology is embedded into the design of our programs & brought to life during Manager Sessions

Manager Sessions

60-minute facilitated live sessions where managers create a model of excellence to coach their teams & design solutions to overcome common obstacles for habit creation

Activation Resources

Robust guides, simple tools & compelling videos to support each course

Jam Sessions

Programs wrap with an engaging 2-hour live practice & performance session to celebrate your team’s progress


Participants that complete the program can proudly display their new credentials on LinkedIn

Stop wasting time & money on sales training

Invest in a program that fosters sustainable habit change

Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you

Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you