Form Alliances to Focus Your Feedback


What is a proven method for getting, giving and using MEANINGFUL feedback? Form an alliance.

What do we mean by alliance? We define an alliance as a specific agreement with your “coach” about what you’re seeking feedback on.

Having a clear, agreed upon alliance prior to your practice or performance primes you and your coach to focus your attention and feedback on the specific things you’d like to improve.

Often times, the feedback you receive can feel scattered, vague and less than actionable. Designing an alliance creates clarity for where you’re seeking improvement, while recruiting your coach to support your growth and success.

The next time you’re looking for feedback, strike an alliance.

Say to your colleague, coach or customer, “I would like your feedback on…..X.”

Whether it be your hand gestures and body language, or the clarity of your speaking, the specific feedback you’re looking for is up to you to decide.

Then, after the practice or performance, use Awesome Sauce Feedback within your alliance. This simply means applying the focused “one did well” and “one do differently” approach to the area you’re hoping to improve.