How to Ask Your Customers for Feedback


Get your customers to root for your success by recruiting them to give you feedback.

What is one method for getting your customers to root for your success? Asking them for feedback on your performance.

The next time you have a conversation with a customer, try beginning with a proposition that makes it clear how much you value your customer’s feedback. You might say something like, “We’re highly committed to improving our service. At the end of today’s conversation, I’d like your permission to get your feedback on one thing you think I did well and one thing you think I could do differently or better next time we talk.”

At the end of the conversation, prompt your customer for their feedback. When you receive the feedback on your performance, take notes, acknowledge it and thank them for their courage and candor.

The next time you meet with them, remind them of the feedback they gave to you in the previous conversation and put it into action. This will clearly demonstrate that you are making a deliberate effort to listen and actively improve their experience.

When customers see their feedback in action, they become much more invested in the quality of your performance and your partnership.

Getting feedback from peers or a manager is a good move. Getting feedback from a customer is an expert move!