Taking Notes to Elevate Your Feedback + Performance


Taking notes when giving OR receiving feedback is an expert move.

Take Notes when Giving Feedback

Generally, it’s very difficult to remember everything that happened over the course of a practice session or a performance. When someone asks you for feedback, make sure you take detailed notes so you can give them specific examples to make your feedback actionable and useful.

Take Notes when Receiving Feedback

It’s likely that you’re seeking feedback on some aspect of your performance that you wish to improve over time. When you don’t keep a record of the feedback you receive it’s likely you won’t remember it after the moment has passed. Or, what’s likely is that you’ll dwell on the critical aspects or what you messed up instead of doing more of what went well. Taking notes from your “coach” will help you capture the elements that are working well and the elements that can be improved — AND it will help you reflect on and assess your performance and growth over time.