Live & On-Demand Sales Training Subscription

Shift is designed to help sellers unlearn the limiting beliefs and habits preventing them from showing up authentically, serving their customers, closing more deals, and achieving success on their own terms.

According to a 2019 Uncrushed study


of sellers are close to burnout


of sellers feel their workload is beyond their capacity

7 (out of 10)

is the average stress level of sellers


of sellers believe their work environment is toxic

…and this was before the pandemic!

Even Amidst Uncertainty & Growing Challenges, Supporting Your Sales Org Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Without the right kind of support, your sellers and managers are:


Missing Revenue Targets


Uncoachable & Defensive


Feeling Ineffective


Stressed & Reactive


Leaving Dollars on the Table


Losing Confidence FAST


Fatigued & Burned Out


Considering a Career Change


Focused on the Wrong Things

Sales has always been a stressful gig and the past few years haven’t made things any easier.  As a sales leader, it’s your responsibility to create a culture of belonging and empowerment where your sellers (and managers!) are embraced for who they are, equipped with human skills that never expire, and engaged in work that connects to their purpose and values.

Where do you begin?

By supporting each individual seller in creating and living into their own unique model of excellence.

Attract, Support & Engage Top Sales Talent

Equip Sellers with Skills that Never Expire

Embrace Your Team's Unique Superpowers

Live & On-Demand Sales Training Subscription

Shift is designed to help you support your sellers and managers so they can crush their goals AND feel committed, engaged, and fulfilled in their work!


New Course Each Month

  • Courses designed to help sellers create & live into their own model of excellence
  • New on-demand videos
  • Activation methods for practice & application
  • Live Deep Dive session
  • Self-assessments to measure growth 
  • Certificate of completion

Live Deep Dive Sessions

  • Combine inquiry, practice, hot-seat coaching, breakouts & storytelling
  • Led by our expert facilitators  
  • Delivered monthly via Zoom
  • Recorded for those who cannot attend live

Community Coaching Calls

  • Expert-led coaching calls
  • Designed for cross-learning & application
  • Submit questions & issues — we’ll answer & address them live!
  • Delivered bi-weekly via Zoom
  • Recorded & timestamped for those who cannot attend live

Assessments & Certificates

  • Benchmark & assess your growth for each course
  • Biannual ACE assessment (ability, confidence & engagement)
  • Successfully complete courses & receive certificates to share via social media

Nurturing Newsletter

  • Weekly email delivers nudges & supportive resources
  • Designed to help sellers create a present mind, grounded body & focused energy
  • Rooted in neuroscience, positive psychology, behavioral science, business acumen & ancient wisdom

Every Shift Seller Subscription includes:


A New Course Every Month (& access to the archive)

Courses focus on helping sellers create & embody their own authentic model of excellence.

Upcoming Courses:

  • January – You Are Your Habits: Cultivate self-awareness and authenticity through the habits you practice
  • February – Deliberate Practice: Take control of your potential & become an expert at anything
View the full course schedule →

Monthly LIVE Deep Dive Sessions


Bi-Weekly LIVE Community Coaching Calls


Nudge Newsletter: Present, Grounded & Focused


Self-Assessments to Track Growth & Progress


Course Completion Certificates


Access to the Shift Community

We’re habit creation, skill mastery & employee wellbeing experts.

Founded over a decade ago, our original mission was to support companies to create cultures where employees could flourish.

During our time as a wellbeing consulting company, Habits at Work performed significant research into which habits made the difference for employee health, happiness, financial security, and work performance — AND, how to help employees change their habits for the better.

Our team has researched and worked side-by-side, hand-in-hand with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to change their habits.

Several years ago, we pivoted to become a training company, focused on helping sales and success teams create high-impact habits.

Since that pivot, we’ve worked with thousands of sellers and customer-facing revenue-responsible teams at the world’s most successful companies, including Google, YouTube, Astellas Pharma, Linkedin, Pinterest, Virgin Pulse, Limeade, Subaru, Scott Brothers Global, Microsoft, and Premera BlueCross Blue Shield.

Now, we’re reconnecting to our roots in behavior change and organizational wellbeing to create a sales training program that supports your sellers on another level: the whole-person flourishing that your sellers so desperately need.

Shift is designed to help your sellers unlearn the limiting beliefs and habits that stand in the way of their greatness.

Combining positive psychology, behavior change, neuroscience & physiology for a whole-person approach

Blending the expertise of behavior change researchers, field sellers, master coaches, compelling storytellers & somatic healing

Leveraging deliberate practice to help your sellers achieve mastery & grow capability (confidence + ability)

Empower your sellers to build genuine customer relationships & close more deals by showing up authentically


“We got a chance to step back and think through the art of how we approach customers. These are lifelong skills for people to take throughout their careers.”


“It was great to take time out to rethink how I do things that have become automatic but may not be the best way.”


“I created some behaviors and tools that are relationship differentiators, not just gimmicks.”

Create the conditions for your sellers & managers to feel engaged, embraced & empowered to succeed on their terms

In addition to the Shift Seller Subscription, we designed two packages to help you turn your managers into coaches & change your culture to support your sellers: Shift Team & Shift Culture.

Shift Team Package

Equip your managers with the skills to become master coaches and empower their teams to succeed and flourish.

In addition to everything included in the Shift Seller Subscription experience, the Shift Team Package includes: 


Team-level Seller Assessment, Benchmark & Reporting

Delivered as a benchmark, as well as 6 and 12-month milestones, this reporting measures aggregate seller progress and engagement with Shift. It also includes aggregated ACE (ability, confidence & engagement) seller self-assessment scores.


Monthly Mentorship Sessions to Turn Managers into Coaches

90-minute, community-wide sessions hosted to empower managers to embody the work themselves, support and coach their sellers, and design conditions to make behavior change easier for their teams.


Manager-Specific Content & Resources to Apply the Work

Videos, guides, and tools to help managers apply the content to their role.


Manager Self & Team Assessments, Benchmarks & Reporting

Delivered as a benchmark, as well as 6 and 12-month milestones, this reporting includes: aggregate manager progress and engagement with Shift; aggregate manager self-assessment ACE (ability, confidence & engagement) scores; and manager-level assessments of their team’s confidence, ability and engagement.

SPECIAL BONUS: Live Course Individual Feedback

During LIVE courses, we’ll offer opportunities for Shift members to submit their work for course-related asynchronous feedback from an expert Habits at Work coach.

Shift Culture Package

Proactively design the conditions of your culture in support of positive habit change.

In addition to everything included in the Shift Seller Subscription experience AND the Shift Team Package, the Shift Culture Package includes: 


A Whole-Team Habit Ability Assessment

Delivered as a whole-team survey (with ability to segment data based on location, role/title, manager/non-manager based on team size) with the intent to measure “what is” about the conditions of the sales organization culture in Four Contexts: Self, Social, Spaces & Systems.


Leadership Context Design Workshop

One 2-hour live workshop for the leadership team with the following goals: map the most pressing barriers preventing desired behavior change (evidenced by the Habit Ability Assessment results); ideate methods for designing the contexts in support of behavior change; prioritize implementation of the methods.


Context Design Charter

A recap and plan for executing the work from the Context Design workshop. Leadership teams will be able to use this charter to design the conditions of their culture in support of habit change for their team.


Dedicated Program Manager & Monthly Strategy Sessions

A Program Manager dedicated to your account who will handle kickoff, coordination, scheduling, and delivery of all reporting. Your Program Manager will lead monthly strategy sessions with your leadership team to provide accountability for your Context Design Charter and maximize your investment. 

Private Experiences Available

Turn your Shift Culture Package into a private experience for your team. Private experiences include a separate course experience, private Deep Dive sessions,  Coaching Calls, and Manager Mentorship sessions. Private experiences do not include access to the Shift Seller Community.

The Team Behind Shift

Our team draws on decades of experience in sales, leadership, entrepreneurship, storytelling, positive psychology, employee wellbeing, training & development, personal development, coaching, deliberate practice, somatic experiencing, and ancient healing modalities.

Your Lead Facilitator

Lex Moschakis

  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Lead Facilitator
  • Expert Seller
  • Certified Counselor
  • Self-Confidence Specialist

Everything you are is already inside you.

Lex Moschakis will help you find it.

As the Chief Experience Officer at Habits at Work, Lex doesn’t just partner with leaders of Fortune 500 companies to help their sales teams become more effective sellers. She takes it a step further by guiding individuals into new realizations about themselves.

The magic is in Lex’s method–employing a unique combination of psychology theory, global perspective, and coaching expertise, she guides sellers through a journey of introspection to unearth and unseat the stopgaps preventing their strengths from flourishing.

Lex wants to inspire a global SHIFT in how we relate to ourselves that starts with her introspective methodology. The future of our world is in how we communicate, first with ourselves and then with one another. Lex is spearheading that change by asking each of us to apply the fundamentals of sales to our own empowerment—what are our deepest needs, and how can we build dynamic lives that fulfill them?

She isn’t just helping create more effective sellers. The true value of working with Lex Moschakis is that she’s helping create more effective people for businesses and for the world, one habit at a time.

Breean Miller

  • Chief Brand & Product Officer and Co-Founder of Habits at Work
  • Designer of award-winning sales training programs for some of the world’s most successful companies, including Google, Google Cloud, Virgin Pulse, Limeade, Astellas Pharma, Hillrom, Premera BlueCross BlueShield, and more
  • Mission: to make the magic & mystery of inner work more tangible
  • Deliberate practice & habit change specialist
  • Expertise in brand strategy & storytelling
  • Highly-rated facilitator & coach
  • Somatic experiencing & integration healing expert

Melba Amissi

  • Chief Operating Officer, Habits at Work
  • Coaching-oriented people leader
  • Successfully scaled growth during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Track record for growing recurring revenue while serving and retaining customers
  • Served globally recognized brands, including AbbVie, Subaru, Google Cloud, MBNA, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barclays, and more
  • As a Skilled Negotiator, Melba has led winning negotiations with iconic brands, including Bank of America, Chase, Google Cloud, Google Ads, YouTube, Virgin Pulse, and others

Andrew Sykes

  • Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Habits at Work
  • Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Education, Kellogg School of Management
  • Globally recognized speaker & facilitator for companies including Google, Pinterest, Scott Brothers Global, YouTube, Toyota, and Subaru
  • Author, The 11th Habit
  • Andrew inspires & guides revenue-responsible teams to foster the habits that create a differentiated customer experience
  • Trained actuary, behavior change researcher & corporate wellbeing expert

Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you

Start Supporting Your Sales org Today!

Empower your team with ongoing support instead of infrequent, intrusive training.

Bring Shift to Your Sales Team

Support your team with our unique, experiential program designed to help your sellers up their inner game so they can show up authentically, stand out, and sell more without burning out!

Equip Your Sales Team with Skills that Never Expire

Give your sellers a common language and approach to master new habits within the flow of their work through Shift courses, coaching and community.

Create the Conditions for an Authentic Sales Culture

Design the conditions that surround your sales team, making it easier for them to practice new ways of thinking, doing, and being.

Subscription & Package Comparison

Upcoming Courses

You Are Your Habits: Cultivate self-awareness and authenticity through the habits you practice

January 2022

Whether you’re a business development rep or a sales manager, an account executive or a CRO, after taking this course you will be able to design your habits so you can stop running on default and have more choices for how you show up for your team and your clients.

This course explores:

  • How your habits create a default way that you show up in the world — they shape your identity
  • How the existing model of excellence for sellers is limiting
  • How you can create a new model of excellence for yourself
  • Which behaviors you want to turn into habits based on your vision for success
  • The hidden influences that shape your behavior (and make habit change difficult)

Deliberate Practice: Take control of your potential & become an expert at anything

February 2022

Research shows that what separates average from expert in any field of performance is a particular kind of practice that helps you create ability and confidence, incrementally, bit by bit.

No matter your role or experience level, after taking this course you will be able to effectively plan your own deliberate practice so that you can create incremental improvement and exponential growth in any area of your performance.

This course explores:

  • Why deliberate practice is the key to peak performance
  • The distinction of deliberate practice and what makes it so powerful
  • Why enrolling coaches and using feedback is critical to the process
  • How to use deliberate practice to improve your performance and create new habits