Imagine the endless ways that the habits of gratitude, caring, compassion, kindness and LOVE could make a world of difference to the people we work with and serve.

So, why do we feel that love and business don't mix?


What is "love" at work?


Love at work is simply a set of professional acts, or habits.


Love at work is:

  • Being kind to someone during their first day on the job and showing them the ropes
  • Giving positive feedback to someone that reports to you, instead of being critical
  • Looking someone in the eye when you firmly shake their hand
  • Asking what customers really need and relentlessly delivering value
  • Actively listening to others and being generous with your time
  • Showing up passionately each day and having compassion for others
  • Expressing appreciation and gratitude, especially when you don't have time
  • Demonstrating simple acts of kindness, like holding the elevator or grabbing your coworker a cup of coffee

We're issuing a challenge to spread the habits of love in the workplace. 


VIAL 5 Challenge

VIAL: Very Intentional Acknowledgement of Love


How it works


1. Sign up for the VIAL 5 Challenge. Let your network know you signed up by posting the intro message on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Think of 5 people who have had a positive impact on your work or career. They might be a mentor, friend, business colleague or client that made an impact on you, helped you in some way, or that inspired you. 

3. Create a VIAL (Very Intentional Acknowledgement of Love) for each of the 5 people. Get creative! You could write a post, create a graphic or even record a short video.

4. Share your VIAL on LinkedIn and @ tag the proper people in your post -- make sure you issue them the challenge to join the VIAL 5! Tag your posts with #DailyVIAL and #BottomLineLove

5. Spread the love! Let's grow a business community that thrives not by using people up, but by filling them up!

Join the VIAL 5 Challenge!