What is your company's greatest source of competitive advantage?


There are many views on what contributes to competitive advantage.

We're innovative.
We hire the best talent.
We have strong leadership.
We are the quickest to market.
We own proprietary technology.
We have a unique business model.
We have fancy offices with ping pong tables.


We think it's the HABITS your employees practice.


In fact, these habits are your destiny.


For people, habits influence their level of health, happiness, security and performance.

For organizations, habits influence employee productivity (engagement + performance), growth and profitability.


Habits at Work helps companies flourish by investing in the performance of their people.

We are on a mission to get employees to practice a set of pivotal habits so they can generate superhuman performance at work, and build companies that flourish as a result.

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Ready to change the course of your organization's future?