Transformative programs that turn B2B sellers into Magnetic Trusted Advisors

Create the mindsets, skills and habits for building deep and lasting relationships with your customers so you can sell more faster

Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you

To increase revenue, you need to create customer value with every conversation

But there’s a problem…

  • There is more distance than ever between you and your customers
  • Leading with your solution leaves your customer feeling unheard
  • Having the wrong conversations makes it difficult to separate the shoppers from the buyers
  • Customers feel like your sales process is something that is done to them, instead of something that creates value for them

Customers decide that they want to buy from you before they decide what they want to buy from your company.

Create a culture that attracts & keeps top talent

Build trust & deepen customer connections

Shorten the cycle & close bigger deals faster

Become the Magnetic Trusted Advisor your customers need and deserve

Become the Magnetic Trusted Advisor your customers need and deserve


High-Impact Habits

Your mindsets, skills and habits shape your identity, your ability to be present and hold space for your customers, and your way of being


Promise Selling

Build trust and create value by making and delivering on customer promises, explicitly communicating your intentions and actions, and restoring trust if you have a break in performance


Creative Conversations

Help your customers speak their futures into existence by leading “creative conversations” to map the landscape, create pathways for action, expand power and motivation, make progress and create value

Sales Training Programs

For Enterprise Teams

Creative Conversations Programs

Equip your sellers with the mindsets, conversation skills and habits to build deeper relationships and unlock extraordinary value for your customers through FOUR powerful sales conversations.

For Individual Sellers & Teams of All Sizes

Shift Subscription & Packages

An annual subscription program designed to help sellers unlearn the limiting beliefs and habits preventing them from showing up authentically, serving their customers, closing more deals, and achieving success on their own terms.

Help your customers make progress by transforming
the way your sellers show up