We are a corporate training company based in Chicago, IL. We help leaders, managers, salespeople and customer success teams create high-performance work habits through live training workshops and performance coaching. 

Accelerate Business Growth + Improve Employee Performance  through Habit Mastery

We help employees create high-performance work habits through immersive live training, mastery-infused activation programs + deliberate practice.

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The 10 Habits of High Performance


Our live workshops, performance coaching and helpful resources empower people to master the work habits that drive business results.

  Practice Deliberately + Deliver Feedback to Master Skills + Create Expertise
  Ask Powerful Questions to Learn Deeply
 Tell Stories to Change Minds
  Communicate through Conversation to Influence Outcomes
  Solve Problems to Innovate + Delight
  Listen Empathically to Build Relationships
  Keep Your Word to Build Trust
  Run Effective Meetings to Accelerate Cooperation
 Plan + Prioritize to Manage Complexity
  Negotiate to Ensure Everyone Wins

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Most training programs overwhelm people with content, rely on knowledge to create change, are delivered as low energy, lecture-style sessions, lack the tools to internalize and apply learning, and feel like a waste of time and money.

 Our Habit Mastery Program

Our Habit Mastery Program is:

→ Focused on one habit at a time

→ Designed to build skills + internalize habits

→ Interactive, including role playing + practice focused sessions

→ Driven by habit + human behavior research

→ Ongoing, with performance coaching, tools + resources to apply learning

→ Led by experienced facilitators with deep domain knowledge

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Master High-Performance Habits

The Habit Mastery Program is designed to impart knowledge in order to develop skills and internalize habits.


Live Training
Online Resources
Immersive Learning
Habit Mastery Assessments


Role Playing + Deliberate Practice
Confidence + Competence Building
Peer Feedback + Benchmarking
Group + Individual Performance Coaching



Activities + Assignments
Peer Accountability Practice
Habit Mastery Coaching
Progress Reports + Evaluations


Business success is driven by high-performance habits

Our Habit Mastery Program can be deployed to leaders and teams of all shapes, sizes and functions.


Business Growth



  Accelerate Business Growth

Delight + Retain Customers


  Delight + Retain Customers

Attract + Retain
Top Talent


  Attract + Retain Top Talent

Improve Performance + Productivity


  Improve Performance + Productivity
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 "In pretty much any area of human endeavor, people have a tremendous capacity to improve their performance, as long as they train the right way"  K.Anders Ericsson, psychologist+expert on human performance+ deliberate practice