Speaking and workshops designed to transform sellers into Magnetic Trusted Advisors

Our speakers inspire and guide revenue-responsible teams to foster the habits that create a differentiated customer experience and help your team sell more, faster.

Our Signature Talks

Our talks are delivered as 60-minute keynotes, however, they can be customized to fit your time slot

You are Your Habits

How habits shape your identity and help you stand apart

Promise Selling

How to build trust and create value by making and delivering on customer promises

Creative Conversations

How conversations create the future and help customers make progress

From “I Can’t!” to “I Do!”

The power of Context Design to create high-impact sales habits

The Genesis of Genius

How deliberate practice, coaching and feedback create seller excellence

To Lead is to Sell

How great managers lead by reconnecting with their inner seller

Why book a Habits at Work speaker?


We Practice What We Speak

We work exclusively with sellers, sales managers and sales leaders. Our speakers also hold these positions and are active in the field.


We Speak Your Language

We do extensive research on your audience — we’ll even interview a few people ahead of time if possible —  to ensure our sessions use your language, that we understand your business and your culture. Our goal: they leave asking “are they one of us?”


We Don’t Speak and Run

We’re done when we’ve made an impact well after our talk is finished. We love to stay in touch with audience members by sending activation videos, connecting on LinkedIn and continuously creating value for our community. 


We Speak to Include

We treat every audience as a collection of diverse, unique individuals. We respect every human we meet, we honor who they are, and we cherish the path they’re on. We’re committed to offering a diverse group of fantastic speakers.

Our talks are highly interactive, bursting with stories and powerfully delivered

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Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you

Trusted by revenue-responsible leaders like you