How I redesigned the contexts of my life to change a habit (and how you can learn from my success)

Having successfully extinguished my smoking habit, I now see the massively important role that changing my habits has on my life, my performance at work, my role as a leader, and my future.

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6 Attributes of a Future Proof Company Culture

Your future success will be won or lost on your ability to change your habits, influence others to do the same and create the conditions for habit change to stick within your organization.

The thinking, habits and structures that once served your company are probably making it difficult for you to compete, adapt and stay ahead of the game. Your people and leaders struggle to keep pace with the emerging skills needed for the work of today and tomorrow.

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9 Habit Practices that Drive Employee Performance

What really works to drive engagement and performance?

Our team of actuaries and researchers spend our energy and time investigating what drives optimal engagement and performance in an organization.

We dive into behavioral economics, social contagion theory, environmental psychology and more to look at all the factors that contribute to performance. The most common element we have found among these factors is that they are all driven by our habits: the repetitive actions we take each day as employees.

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Worth Reading: Articles on Focus and Essentialism

It's funny. The sheer amount of content consumption around here leads to a lack of focus and attention at times. We hop from book to book, article to article, and we keep going down the rabbit hole for fear of missing out or not discovering that one salient point or insight that someone else might find!

It is intoxicating and overwhelming all at the same time. And I'm guessing that you have the same exact problem!

Well, have no fear, I have a few items for you to give your attention to today. If you'll trust me on this, I promise they are worthy of your attention and, in fact, might aid you in the battle of achieving better focus, eliminating distractions and doing your best work.

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Strategic rest, renewal and restoration.

Energy is the capacity people have to do work. Like time, energy is finite. However, unlike time, energy is renewable. Strategic renewal, including daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations is shown to boost productivity, job performance and health

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What's behind a vision?

In setting out to create the Habits at Work company and brand, our team did a bit of soul searching. In the end, we declared a new future for ourselves, for companies, for employees and for the world of work.

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