LinkedIn Live Replays

Over the past few years, we have been having amazing conversations with colleagues, coworkers and friends on LinkedIn Live. Below are some of our favorites. If you would like to see these happen live, please follow us on LinkedIn

Culture Shift Series Part I: ENGAGED

Join Breean Miller & Melba Amissi from Habits at Work for the LinkedIn Live Culture Shift Series where they’ll explore four critical outcomes for designing an authentic sales culture. In the first conversation, Breean Elyse Miller & Melba Amissi, MBA will dive into the first outcome ENGAGED.

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Sell as Yourself: Making Authenticity a Practice

In this conversation between Lex Moschakis and Breean Elyse Miller they discuss the power of practicing authenticity for sellers.

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Choose and Become With Trish Kendall!

In this conversation Lex Moschakis and inspirational speaker Trish Kendall speak about what it means to choose how you want to show up and be in the world – for yourself, your community, and your clients.

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Develop Negotiation Skills

Rewatch this conversation between Lex Moschakis and Habits at Work’s COO Melba Amissi, MBA, who has led winning negotiations with globally recognized brands throughout her career. 

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Deliberate Practice in Sales

Join Lex Moschakis, Head of Facilitation and Coaching at Habits at Work and Jordana Zeldin, Founder of Spriing Training and Co-Founder of The Practice Lab as they share their insights around deliberate practice in sales.

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Your Customers Want To Be Heard, Are You Listening?

Join Andrew Sykes and Breean Miller for a conversation on listening with empathy. In this replay they discuss the expert moves on how to genuinely listen to your customers.

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