Promise Selling Academy

On-demand courses to help your sellers show up authentically, build trust, and serve your customers so they can close more deals, faster

Are your sellers…

  • Building and maintaining customer trust?
  • Creating value with every customer interaction?
  • Having effective conversations that drive customer transformation?
  • Differentiating your company in the way that they show up during the sales process?

Customers decide that they want to buy from your sellers before they decide what they want to buy from your company.

It’s time to equip your sales team to show up as the Magnetic Trusted Advisors your customers need and deserve!

 On-Demand Courses

The Promise Selling Academy brings the best of our award-winning programs to life as on-demand courses. 

Current Courses

  • The Art & Science of Promise Selling
  • Leading Creative Conversations
  • Reconnaissance Conversations
  • Pathway Conversations
  • Milestone Conversations
  • You Are Your Habits
  • Deliberate Practice
  • 2×2 Feedback
  • Present Yourself
  • Empathic Listening
  • Pose the Right Questions
  • Personal Origin Story
  • Create & Share Moving Stories

Support Your Sellers with On-Demand Content

Just-In-Time Learning

Our courses are delivered in bite-sized videos so your sellers can learn and review content right when they need it

Reinforce Your Program

Create a blended experience for your team by combining live workshops and on-demand learning

Onboard New Sellers

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Our on-demand courses are perfect for getting new team members up to speed

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