Showpad x Habits at Work

Habits at Work and Showpad went live on LinkedIn for conversations about selling in a virtual world.

Watch the replay for interactive conversations full of tips for selling virtually and implementing a culture of feedback. Details below!

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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: How do you balance both as a sales leader?

Learn about Showpad’s culture of feedback and the difference between coaching in a practice session vs. coaching during a sales meeting.

Join Andrew Sykes, CEO of Habits at Work, and Russell Wurth, VP of Sales Enablement at Showpad, for the replay of their LinkedIn Live!

Recreating Personal Conversations in the Virtual World

How can sellers have non-linear, natural conversations virtually instead of performing while on camera? 

Learn specific ways to feel more engaged and comfortable, during virtual calls with customers, with Showpad’s VP of Sales, Dustin Deno.

A Culture of Coaching with Showpad’s best: Chris Kosrow and Jeff Poczatek!

Join our conversation to see what a culture of coaching looks like at Showpad, and how sellers and sales managers might benefit from implementing their own!